Friday, 30 May 2008

Crazy about kits

I went ahead and joined BPS crazy about kits class last night and have done my first layout(once again - awful photo, will have to try and improve!), I put the kit together with a load of my minds eye tres joile papers I had, feels so good to be using up some of my old stash. I want to get some more done but do not have the right photos printed and I cannot get photobox to work at the moment - what a nightmare !

Evie has been fantastic with the potty training today, actually had the same pair of knickers on tonight that I put on her when she got up this morning - hurrah ! Perhaps we are getting somewhere at last.

Another busy day with visits to various friends, including Daph whom I haven't seen for ages and I am so glad I popped in to see her today xx

I am really into the Sainsburys/Jamie Oliver meals for a fiver at the moment and I made the 'brilliant bacon pasta' for tea - anyone else tried these? I think they are fab !

Hugs to all xx

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domestic goddess said...

hehehe, i have made that too and my girls love it!!!!