Sunday, 26 July 2009

Time flies when your having fun!

Well, the first week of the school holidays is over already and we sure have been busy! They spent Monday at the Seaside with my mum whilst I was working then Henry spent the next four mornings at our churches holiday club - Razzamatazz Robots when he had great fun. We have also been swimming, been to a friends party and had friends over to play.

Actually on Saturday I had five children here from 10am until 5pm and I still managed to clean the whole house, wash the towels and bedding and makes meringues and ice cream ready for friends coming over for lunch today!
This is Evie dressed up for her Hawaiian party on her last day at pre-school

And this is Henry and I last Sunday at Auntie Peggy's where we went for tea to celebrate Jonathan's mum's birthday

So the Summer Bingo has not been so popular! Henry was full of it last weekend, but when he realised that it might be hard work he was not so enthralled! We will try again this week.
So I hope your holidays are going well, fingers crossed for a little more nice weather!

Monday, 13 July 2009

New starts........

....but lot's of endings too! Henry is leaving year 2, this has been a fantastic year for Henry and he has grown in confidence as well as academically. He loves his teachers, especially Mrs Dalgleish,

but he is very excited to be going to Year 3. It is also a fantastic year for the school as Sebert Wood just got an 'outstanding' ofsted report and the children are having a fun day today to celebrate! He has also finished Beavers and will be starting cubs in September and has moved up a class in Swimming to Improver's 1. He seems so grown up now, I have to admit to doing a little reminiscing lately - well, look how cute he was!

Evie is finishing at pre-school and starting nursery - 5 afternoons a week, she is also very excited and looks so cute in the uniform! She has also had her very last session with Carolyn, our amazing childminder whom we have know since Henry started going to her age 2 and I can't believe that this is it! We will all miss her terribly. (photo of Evie and Carolyn to follow at a later date!)

She is also changing her swimming lessons from Sarah at the Leisure centre, who has been fantastic, to Karen at Culford - same afternoon as Henry which should make life a little easier!
Other news in the Lambert Household - Jonathan's mum is back in hospital with diverticulitis so more rushing backwards and forwards, this time to Stevenage, to visit her, so once again plans have not always gone as they should have.

I am working on finishing off the teachers gifts and making up the Summer Bingo for the children - not sure it's going to work - but worth a try!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009


..........for the fact that I haven't updated in over a week, things are busy as ever.
Jonathan's Dad's funeral went to plan, just small with lot's of Whisky drinking afterwards, just as Reg would have liked. Unfortunately two days later Jonathan's mum suffered from a small heart attack and spent a few nights in hospital. Whilst there they also managed to asses her dementia and it seems she has Pick disease - shrinking of the frontal and temporal anterior lobes of the brain. This has been accelerated by the stress of the last few weeks. It seems the disease makes her quite controlling (she pretends to faint when things aren't going her way) and she sees Jonathan's brother Philip as her husband/father substitute, so plays up much more when he is around. There is no cure or medication and she will get progressively worse, it's almost like Jonathan and Philip have lost both parents.
On a happier note, Henry got his school report on Friday and Jonathan and I are pleased as punch with him, he has really come on in leaps and bounds in Year 2 and really enjoyed himself, at the moment he is really excited about going up to Year 3 - let's hope that continues!

Last Friday we packed the car to the rafters and headed off to Burnham Deepdale in gorgeous North Norfolk for a weekend camping with my parents, brother and sister-in-law and niece to celebrate my Dad's 65th birthday. Apart from the rain and wind whilst putting the tents up we had amazing weather and a great time.

We spent Saturday on Brancaster Beach - look at it - stunning!

And then Saturday night at The White Horse for dinner.

I managed one last layout before I packed all my scrapping stuff away again for a while....

Also to let you know that there has been an amendment, the 'Your Touch of Craft' Autumn/Winter workshop is now on Sunday 11th October 2009 - hope to see you there!

Sara xx