Wednesday, 26 November 2008

4 Weeks to go!

Yup, 4 weeks to go, so here is Anthea's 4 week checklist:

*Start cooking meals for the freezer - meals for the family, plus dishes for entertaining.
*If you are making mince pies, do them now and pop them into the freezer.
*Buy your Christmas cake and pudding if you are not making them.
*Get your Christmas cards written and ready to post. If you can, put the addresses on the computer and print them out on adhesive labels. Save and file and you won't have to do it again next year.
*If you're planning to do a supermarket shop online book a delivery slot - deliveries for the week before Christmas are quickly booked up.
*Do any last-minute online present shopping so there is still time to get to the shops if the gift you want is out of stock.

Well, I have to admit to feeling pretty smug! I have finished making my 160 Christmas cards and I am babysitting the gorgeous Euan on Saturday night so I am going to take them all with me and sit and write them then! I also managed to get all my addresses onto my laptop (as I lost all the ones from previous years when my laptop died earlier in the year so had to start again - uurghh!) so I print labels, which I find makes life much easier!.
Let me know how you are all getting on


Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Back home

Had a lovely few days away with Jonathan, the weather was perfect and we stayed in a very beautiful village in the Yorkshire Dales called Askrigg, I would really recommend. We visited Rippon which has an amazing Cathedral
Also had a day in Harrogate which is gorgeous. We wanted to have a coffee break in Betty's but the queue was out of the door, so we just peeped in the window! Also managed to see Quantum of Solace at the cinema. We spent the last day looking around Leyburn and Hawes then an afternoon spent watching DVDs in our room (Jonathan's knee was pretty sore and swollen by that stage!) We also went to see these beautiful falls
Saturday we woke to a very pretty sprinkling of snow and we headed down to Sheffield to visit our dear friends Jim and Pauline. We spent a great evening with them, their friends and family at their Ladies night which was great fun!
So now I am home and trying to get organised. The most important thing is to get the Christmas cards finished and written. I only have a few odd presents left to buy.
Two tips - one I read in a magazine is to set up a 'wrapping table' in your spare room so you can leave all the bits and pieces out for when needed. And secondly I was left a comment by Goosey letting me know that Fly Lady has some great tips.
Remember to check out Etsy for some amazing presents and I will be back on Thursday for another Anthea countdown!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

a break!

Jonathan and I are going away tomorrow for 4 nights with no children (thanks Mum & Dad - love you!) We are staying in Askrigg, North Yorkshire for the first 3 nights then finishing up in Sheffield with our dear friends Jim & Pauline on the Saturday night. Really looking forward to this break and exploring some beautiful countryside and towns.

No photos to share I'm afraid, but I have been a busy girl, out Friday night to celebrate Annie's birthday, Saturday Jonathan & I were at a Hockey club dinner as we are now the main sponsors of Sudbury Hockey Club, last night my friend Tracy had a little open house event and was selling some of her amazing jewellery creations, then tonight I am out to the theatre with some friends to see our friend Polly in 'The Merry Widow' - phew! Lot's of fun, but it will be so nice to get a break!

I hope to come back with lot's of photos to share

hugs to all xx

Friday, 14 November 2008

Crazy hair

Yup, Henry's school are having a crazy hair day for Children in Need :)
Gabriella Henry
Henry, Elise, Thomas,
Alfie, Aiden and Daniel
How cute do they all look!! I even saw Mr Rice the head teacher with red hair!
Yesterday after school the children and I took a trip up to the childrens ward of our local hospital with a huge bag of books, toys and games we had 'sorted' a few weeks ago. I think it is so good for the children to realise how lucky they are. I think I got the message accross!
Well off to collect Henry from school

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Six weeks.....

Yup, you read right, it's six weeks until Christmas!

Okay, Anthea's 'six weeks before' list is quite a short one:

* Start buying your gifts-and wrapping them to save time later.

* Place any online orders for gifts to make the most of regular posting dates.

* Plan the theme for your dining table and buy any accessories, such as crackers.

* Check your table linen.

Another 'Anthea' update in a couple of weeks time!

I have to admit to not getting everything done off the eight week list yet, especially making the Christmas cards! Although I have wrapped one present, made the Christmas cake and pudding, so quite proud of myself for that! I have also made some very simple gift tags with labels I brought cheap at the post office !

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Lot's of bits to share

Well last Wednesday was the day I needed my camera and didn't have it with me! Firstly I took my niece Daisy to our Music with Mummy session and she and Evie were sooo cute together you would not believe! Lot's of cuddles, kisses and pudding stirring going on! Unfortunately I got a completely flat tyre on the way home, but a nice AA man got it sorted and luckily (as all my tyres are new) when I went to the garage they could mend the flat rather than replace it! Then on Wednesday evening I got to take the children to see some fireworks, a bit impromptu, but that's always the best way! After Henry's swimming class at Culford School we spotted the huge bonfire across the field and decided to go and join in the fun! Evie was very apprehensive at first, but loved it after the first few bangs, "those are amazing mummy" she kept saying and later told my mum that they had been 'fantastic'! I do love a good old fashioned bonfire and fireworks (especially when they start early enough for the children to enjoy) I am really not into the whole fairground thing!
The week has gone by in a blur as I have had to work a couple of extra lunchtimes at the shop and Friday Annie and I spent the whole day sorting and re-organising her scrap room, which I think, she is very happy with. It is not quite finished but still 100% better than it was!
Last night was the Etheldreda Ladies Night at Newmarket and we had a table of friends with us, alot of fun and sillyness was had by all, as you can see!:

This is such a fantastic group of friends and it's always great to dress up, eat, drink and dance!
Then today we went to town to watch the remembrance service on the Angel Hill. This always brings a tear to my eye and I have memories of laying the wreath for the girl guides when I was young in our village. We are so good at these traditions, I just love to watch and be part of it. Here in Bury we even have two helicopters that fly past at 11am, really an amazing sight.

And lastly I have been crafting again! Two baby quilts (and one more to make) a few bits for Henry's class Christmas hamper and this..... to go beside our front door!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Back to normal(ish)

Half term went by very quickly and was finished off with Henry going to play with his friend Thomas (and Thomas's brothers Daniel and Alfie) for some Halloween fun. Karen had decorated the house and made a fabulous spider cake and Halloween cookies, after tea they went out 'trick or treating' to a few pre-warned neighbours and then home to answer the door to any knocks! Great fun was had by all - thanks Karen!

Sunday I was off with three friends to the Scrapping Angels Christmas Workshop which I loved as always. Annie's Year in Review was pretty labour intensive, but I got it finished and love it (of course!):

Here is a peak of a few other bits we made.

Was great to catch up with Anna and Sandie again, we must try and get together more often!
The children had a fabulous day with Daddy, including lunch at Pizza Express and lot's of sweeties, cuddles and snuggling in front of DVDs - Evie keeps asking when I'm going out again!
I have managed to use up all my apples by making 3 apple pies, which are now in the freezer, the recipe is on my recipe blog now if you need it.

I have made my Christmas cake and will make the pudding this week, I have also got my cards sorted just need to get them printed and put together! Also nearly got all my address back on my lap top again ready to print the labels for the Christmas cards - phew, so much to think about.
Off to catch up on some sleep, have a great bonfire night xxx