Sunday, 1 June 2008

Quiet weekend

Nothing much to report, had a very quiet weekend, catching up on housework, doing a little scrapping etc. We were supposed to go to Annies for dinner on Saturday night, but they have 'the bug' poor family - hope you are all okay now x So we stayed in to watch the final of Britains got Talent, bit disapointed with the result, really thought Escala should have won - could watch them for hours !
Evie seems to have cracked the potty training (don't want to speak too soon) three days of no accidents :)
Have downloaded all my May photographs from the camera, here are a few for you.... Henrys Beaver promise
My gorgeous Evie
My gorgeous niece Daisy and her
favorite cousin
Evie dressed up and ready to
go out to celebrate her Uncle
Davids birthday
and Henry enjoying lunch & sunshine
on the same day.
Oh where, oh where has that sunshine gone to???

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suebaru said...

Fab photos! And we actually have sunshine this morning -woohoo!