Friday, 23 May 2008

First Post !

Well I've done it - started my own blog ! How weird does this feel? - Very ! I am hoping that it will be a way for me to look back and remember the everyday stuff we have done and also a fantastic way for our family and friends around the country and world to keep up with our news and photographs - here's one of Evie to start you off, looking fabulous in my shower cap !

She gave us quite a fright yesterday on the walk to school, she fell over and cried (quite normal) so I picked her up and she suddenly stopped crying and went floppy in my arms and looked like she was falling asleep, I started shouting at her and she just 'woke up' and started crying again - anyway, a quick trip to the Doctors found that she was fine, perhaps just fainted or something?

and here is my baby boy - growing up far too fast, thanks Annie for this gorgeous shot of him. We are just at the beginning of our half term week. Not too many plans as I am potting training Evie, but we are off to the Suffolk Show on Wednesday so please pray for dry weather for us !
Had a great afternoon in Nowton Park today with friends, just running around enjoying the sunshine, we have to make the most of it as the bank holiday is going to be wet - suprise, suprise !
Hope you all have a great weekend xxx


Ann(i)e Hafermann said... glad you are doing a blog!!!
What a scare with MS Evie!!!
We are off to the Suffolk show on Thursday (to Anna's on Wed.)

domestic goddess said...

welcome to blogland :)Poor Evie, glad she is OK :)
See you in a few weeks!
anna x

Helen Aitchison said...

Well Done Sara - at last a blog..... i must resurect mine! Is Evie OK now - how scary? Lisa is taking Tom and Ross to the Suffolk Show with her on Wednesday so look out for them - and i'll pray for dry weather (but not too sunny). Have a fun half term. I am free all day Tuesday at the moment so if you want to just take kids to the park or something let me know!

ellen said...

Hi Sara & Family,
Its your Friend Ellen / Sharon from the USA!!!!!!!!!!!Love your im going to get Brian to help me get mine started!!!!!!!!!!!
We are currently in Pennsylvania at the Swiss woods inn so please google that & view!!!!!!!
Have a wonderful weekend .We are back to the Uk for a visit in Aug & sept & cant wait to see you all.
Love & miss you Ellen XXXXXXXX