Monday, 22 September 2008

Not much to report

Not much of any interest has been happening around here I'm afraid, haven't even got any photos to share with you as I went to take some at the weekend, only to find Jonathan had left it on and the battery had run out!
Last week I went to a crop at Amanda's on Tuesday night and made a good start on Evie's birthday banner, but apart from that it was just housework and getting ready for Ashlea, Tony, Kate and Julian to come over to dinner on Friday night, which was great fun! I made marinaded lamb with new carrots and runner beans and a potato and parsnip gratin followed by a Peach and Chocolate Trifle, which I wasn't very impressed with - will not be making again!
Jonathan went off early on Saturday morning for 3 days in Loughboro' at a conference and the children and I spent the day in the garden, getting stuff cut back and tidied up, my brown bin is as full as it can be. Saturday night I cleared out the garage and Sunday the garden shed, so I now have a huge pile of stuff ready for a car boot sale. Henry had a party to attend each day, this time of year gets very busy with children's parties and I have given up trying to think of original presents and now put money in an envelope - I know, I know, but all I can say is that Henry loves having his own money to spend so I hope his friends feel the same way!
Am now full of cold and cannot sleep - hence writing this at 2am!
Promise to take some photos to share asap.

Saturday, 13 September 2008


Trying to think of what has happened this week. Not a lot really, life has got back into the old routine pretty easily. It is lovely to have Jonathan at home and for him to spend time with the children and to see what they get up to. He is still in a lot of discomfort and the knee is very swollen, so he is still on the painkillers and using the crutches, but he has a hospital check up on Monday, so we will find out more then.
Camping on the school field was cancelled again Friday because of the wet weather, Henry was so looking forward to it, but they have postponed until May, so fingers crossed for some dry weather then - third time lucky!
Went out to dinner at Spike and Annie's yesterday evening, Annie cooked Mexican, which btw, I LOVE and the most amazing chocolate dessert, was such a fun evening, thanks guys xx
I have been getting on with some more scrapping. It is nice to go through the box of photos from the last 3 or 4 months and get them scrapped, I have really enjoyed it. Using the Donna Downey books means they are all a bit 'samey' but I have decided to stop worrying about it and just get on with it. Will be nice to feel I have caught up on the photo sorting at last and then I can get the sewing machine out and do some sewing.

Annie is not teaching in September at Your Touch of Craft as she is off to do the Berlin run, so Amanda has organised a crop on Tuesday evening, for those of us who need to get out and do some crafting. I am going to make a mini birthday banner for Evie.
Oh, whilst on the subject Anna at Scrapping Angels has got spaces on sale HERE for the one day Christmas Workshop - I love these day's, so please get on over there and book now, before all the places go!

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Operation went well

Yes, Jonathan's knee operation went well, the surgeon managed to do it all by keyhole, although he had to go in at five different places, but he did everything that needed doing. Jonathan still has a lot of pain, but has found the painkillers are keeping it manageable. He is not putting any weight on that leg at the moment and so he is using crutches and getting a dab hand at going up and down the stairs. He is already going stir crazy being at home, so all visitors are welcome!
Evie cannot seem to say crutches and calls them skrutches! - Bless her heart :)
Well Henry went back to school in the rain last week, and seems to like his teachers. He seemed very tired and grumpy after school, but I hope he will settle down into the routine soon.
Evie and I managed to get pretty wet on the school run, although she loved the puddles!
Preparations are now along the way for Evie's birthday party in October I made the invitations and got them delivered last week, also want to make a banner and then something inventive for party bags - any ideas? Please let me know!

Another layout from Donna Downey's sketches book
And my favorite layout of the moment, I so love this! Sorry about the photo quality, I couldn't wait until daylight to get a snap so the flash reflected.
Well, life really gets back to normal with swimming and clubs all back this week, and I'm off to work tomorrow to try and catch up on three weeks of book work - yuck !

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Piccies, piccies and more...


Well, last week didn't turn out quite as hot as we thought, but we still went out and about. Thursday was a visit to Pettits Animal Adventure Park, great for the under 8's.......

then Friday we headed off to BeWILDerwood. We took Henry's friend James with us, as we decided Henry would have more fun with a friend, BUT was sooo busy, the boy's ended up going on only half the stuff as the queues were so long for a lot of the slides and things, we didn't even get to go on the boat as the queue was so very long. It is so nicely done, but not much fun when it is so busy. I am pleased to report that since our last visit they have added a couple of new areas for the under 5's which Evie loved, just a shame parents didn't care if their boisterous over 5's were in there too - bit of a nightmare. I would defiantly recommend a visit, but wait until a PD day or similar, when it might be a bit quieter

Didn't have Jonathan about this weekend as he was at International Jewellery London in Earls Court until last night, so got together with my friend Sarah and her baby, Euan to do some walking, walked into town and back Saturday (approx 2 miles each way) - and did some shopping, then did the same walk on Sunday morning to go to church.
Henry had two parties at the weekend, both at the swimming pool, which made for one tired little boy.

He went off to school quite happily yesterday, now in Year 2. I made a teachers a gift for him to give...........

Also, been creating again, really loving the new Donna Downey Sketches book, as I love fitting more than one picture in my layouts........

and this is my take on a sketch from Pencillines this week....

and just to leave you with a picture of Evie, fairy dancing in the garden with her 'dancing skirt and shoes' on. The skirt has a big safety pin in the back as it is so big on her, it was past down from a friend and she loves it!