Friday, 30 May 2008

Crazy about kits

I went ahead and joined BPS crazy about kits class last night and have done my first layout(once again - awful photo, will have to try and improve!), I put the kit together with a load of my minds eye tres joile papers I had, feels so good to be using up some of my old stash. I want to get some more done but do not have the right photos printed and I cannot get photobox to work at the moment - what a nightmare !

Evie has been fantastic with the potty training today, actually had the same pair of knickers on tonight that I put on her when she got up this morning - hurrah ! Perhaps we are getting somewhere at last.

Another busy day with visits to various friends, including Daph whom I haven't seen for ages and I am so glad I popped in to see her today xx

I am really into the Sainsburys/Jamie Oliver meals for a fiver at the moment and I made the 'brilliant bacon pasta' for tea - anyone else tried these? I think they are fab !

Hugs to all xx

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Busy days

Yesterday we spent the day at the Suffolk Show, apart from the weather it was a fantastic day and we found that Henry has a knack for finding all the freebies and stickers there are available !

and after sharing a bag of candy floss, the sugar rush hit and they both ran around like loonies for the rest of the afternoon, Evie kept singing 'hop, skip, hop, skip' with these bunny ears on !

Had another busy day today, Henry wanted to go to work with Daddy and so spent the morning at the shop, helping to pass jewellery to them when they were putting the window in and then re-stocking the watch batteries etc. I had Daisy to look after this morning and then managed to catch up with Elaine and the children this afternoon.

These are a couple of the cards I made earlier in the week...........

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Speed Racer

This is what we have been to see at the cinema this afternoon, terrible photo I'm afraid, but this is Henry, Thomas (blinking !) Alfie and Daniel all waiting for the film to start. Very fast and colourful (and a little bit too violent for a PG - in my opinion).

Yesterday it carried on raining, so we stayed in again and had my Mum and Dad, Brother, sister in law and niece over for cake and tea, I love an excuse to bake!

And of course tomorrow is the Suffolk Show it's supposed to stay dry which will be great, I have just made up a batch of this fantastic cookie dough to bake in the morning so we have some yummies to take with us.

I haven't done any scrapping since the Scrapping Angels Retreat but I did get around to making some cards last night with some great stamps I got from Your Touch of Craft, can't share any pictures as the recipients might read this ! I am also very keen on a couple of classes online at Big Picture Scrapbooking, I'll let you know what I think and photograph the results !

Thank you for all the lovely comments left on my previous posts, it's always great to know someone is looking ! I'm now off to watch Britain's Got Talent

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Wet day activities

What a suprise, it's a bank holiday weekend and it's raining ! Out went our plans of the trip to the continental and flower market in town or to see the old army vehicles at Rougham, instead we snuggled down for a day at home. We have:

Made salt dough figures
and painted them !
Made orange biscuits
Built lego castles
Watched the golden compass

and I have cooked my favorite chicken and lentil curry for Jonathan and I to eat for dinner.

We did manage to get a walk in later when the rain died down, we were starting to go stir crazy ! Good luck to those going to the concert in the Abbey Gardens tonight !

I also packed away my sewing machine, I am not lucky enough to have a dedicated crafting area or room, so I use the dining room table. The sewing machine has been out for a couple of weeks and in that time I have covered six foam cusions for Sarah's dining room chairs (nearly finished hun - just the hand sewing to do) made Evie a ruck sack

and made myself a gorgeous bag from this book - I borrowed it from the library, but am now desperate for a copy, anyone who wants to buy me a pressie - this is what I want !! LOL !!

Friday, 23 May 2008

First Post !

Well I've done it - started my own blog ! How weird does this feel? - Very ! I am hoping that it will be a way for me to look back and remember the everyday stuff we have done and also a fantastic way for our family and friends around the country and world to keep up with our news and photographs - here's one of Evie to start you off, looking fabulous in my shower cap !

She gave us quite a fright yesterday on the walk to school, she fell over and cried (quite normal) so I picked her up and she suddenly stopped crying and went floppy in my arms and looked like she was falling asleep, I started shouting at her and she just 'woke up' and started crying again - anyway, a quick trip to the Doctors found that she was fine, perhaps just fainted or something?

and here is my baby boy - growing up far too fast, thanks Annie for this gorgeous shot of him. We are just at the beginning of our half term week. Not too many plans as I am potting training Evie, but we are off to the Suffolk Show on Wednesday so please pray for dry weather for us !
Had a great afternoon in Nowton Park today with friends, just running around enjoying the sunshine, we have to make the most of it as the bank holiday is going to be wet - suprise, suprise !
Hope you all have a great weekend xxx