Thursday, 30 April 2009

Bit and Pieces

On Saturday evening our friends Jon & Bev arrived for the weekend. Sunday was such a gorgeous day we went off for a walk and showed them the 'bat'

Then after a hearty beef stew we headed to town to watch Henry march in the 'St Georges Day Parade' this is one of the most important dates in a Beaver Scouts calender, after marching past the Abbey Gardens they sat through an hours service at St Marys church. Henry is used to spending most of a Sunday Service in the tower making things at Sunday School, so I was pretty impressed that he sat still through the whole service!

Bury Sixth Beaver Scouts

The rest of this week has been back to normal routine, which I have to admit I love! Although not so keen on all the book work I am having to catch up on - end of year and VAT - Yuk!

This weekend we are off to Jonathan's parents in Margate again, keep your fingers crossed for sunshine so we can spend time on the beach.

Hope you all have a great bank holiday weekend.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Like buses..........

I know, I know, I don't blog for ages and then I manage twice in one week - just like buses, nothing for ages and then two come at once!
Well, I had a great birthday, the children came into bed with me and passed me all my cards one by one whilst I also had a go with the new camera lens Jonathan had given me

we then headed downstairs for chocolate pastries and orange and mango juice for breakfast...

after school run and a supermarket trip (life has to go on!) Evie and I headed to my brothers new pub, 'The Cadogan Arms' to meet up with Anna and Katie and Ashlea and Nella for lunch, it was fantastic to be able to sit outside and eat in the sunshine whilst Evie and Katie played.

Back to collect Henry from school and then to my mum and dads - they had got me a new bicycle! so I went straight out round the block to test it out, then back for some cake, with these little munchkins....

I got loads of lovely presents, cards and messages and Jonathan managed to get home to time for us to go out and have a bite to eat and then off to the cinema to see 'The Boat that Rocked' which I would highly recommend!
A great day with lot's of lovely memories
Just a reminder - Dawn Inskip is doing a demo for Amanda at Your Touch of Craft tomorrow - if you can get there pop in and see the lovely stuff she is making!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Where oh where?

has the time gone? sorry this post has taken two weeks - life is stressful and hectic, but we at least got back to normal today with the first day of summer term - I love routine - I'm sure I have told you that before! Evie had her first swimming lesson without me going in with her and she was fantastic! Fingers crossed it carries on that way.
So what's been happening? well in no particular order, I took Henry to A&E last Friday morning when he managed to cut his thumb whilst chopping himself up an apple - lot's of blood and screaming and fuss, but they put steristrips on it and bandaged it well. He has to keep it dry and is very protective of it, we have an appointment with the nurse on Friday to remove the dressing and hope it has healed okay.
We spent Easter weekend back in Margate and had a few hours out, playing in parks, looking at viking ships and playing with Easter toys

When we got back home they started the eggs, these two crack me up how they just take a huge bite rather than breaking pieces off

The weather has been so good, and yesterday we went to WestStow park and met up with friends, this is Evie making sand angels! - yes the sand was everywhere!

Last week we went to Nowton Park for a fire building activity. It was good fun and we got to cook both sausages and marshmallows.

I have also been crafting! This is the dt layout I did with the Marrakesh range for Your Touch of Craft

and I managed to pack up a few projects to take to Margate to keep myself amused in the evenings! These are a selection...

Today I have labelled and organised my scrapbook shelves, they look gorgeous. It is in my spare room and we have friends coming to stay this weekend, so I am trying to get the room looking good again!
Poor Jonathan is now on his fourth trip to Margate in the same number of weeks, it was a bit last minute and as it is my birthday tomorrow he wasn't happy about it, but he got me to open my lovely presents from him before he went and he is hoping to be back in time for going out tomorrow night.
Think I have remembered everything to tell you!
Catch up sooner next time I promise

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Easter Blessings

Easter is my favorite holiday, I love the cooking, having my family over for a big Easter Sunday lunch and the promise of spring. Unfortunately this hasn't been the case for a while. Last year I woke up with terrible stomach pains on Easter Sunday and Jonathan ended up taking me to the out of hours doctor at the hospital, this year we have family illness and are backwards and forwards to Margate to visit Jonathan's parents. It hasn't been the best start to 2009, Jonathan said last week 'Stop the world, I want to get off' - that sums up how we are feeling, but life has to go on and we are keeping our heads down and getting on with it!
On a lighter note, Your Touch of Crafts Spring Workshop was fantastic! Suezie, Annie and Anna all taught classes and all the ladies seemed to enjoy themselves and hopefully made some new friends, although it was all on a tight schedule to get it all in!
We have been asked when the next one is and we are working on it - perhaps a summer one? Please let us know what you would like! But at the moment, Amanda is pretty busy opening a new bead shop in Norfolk - good luck Amanda xx

Well, as mentioned we have spent a few days in Margate, and had a couple of lovely afternoons on the beach collecting shells and stones, unfortunately I forgot to take my camera with me both times! Evie also managed to fall into a rock pool within the first five minutes, which meant walking back to get changed before setting off again! The children found the whole weekend quite an adventure as they got to sleep in bunk beds in their sleeping bags - in the same room as us! - Again, will get a photo this weekend when we go back. I cannot explain Jonathan's parents house to you but let's just say it totally made me appreciate my own home when I got home!
I did get these two photos, do you like the one of Evie on the DS?! She hadn't a clue what she was doing, just kept pressing buttons!

My birthday is in a couple of weeks, so I have been working on my wish list, and I thought I'd give you a few sneaks of some of the things on it....
Firstly the Nikon 50mm fs1.8mm af

Secondly my favorite perfume, unfortunately it is one that YSL only bring out every few years and I have now run out, you can occasionally find it online, fingers crossed!
and a book called 'Outstanding Mini Albums' speaks for itself really doesn't it!

I'll bring you more from my wish list next post and perhaps some beach photos if the weather stays good!
For all you easter lovers out there please check out the fantastic easter downloads available from House of 3, they are gorgeous!
Have a fantastic weekend