Wednesday, 27 August 2008


I didn't realise how long it had been since I last posted - sorry !! Also, getting quite obsessed with facebook!
Had a lovely morning out last week with Elaine, Molly, Alex and Harry at Nowton park. Headed off to the maze (although never found the middle) and ate our picnic in the sunshine. Here are all except baby Harry.....

Then Sunday I headed off in torrential rain to Buckden for the Scrapping Angels Summer workshop, run by the lovely Anna.........

Check out this to see the fantastic photographs she takes, I have booked us in for a family photo shoot in the Autumn. Anyway, had a fantastic day, was great seeing some, by now, familiar face's and of course getting four fantastic classes done, love them all!!.....

Anyway, by the time I drove home, the sun was shining and I was feeling restless after a day spent inside, so got the family out for a late trip to the park.........
Monday, Sarah came over and she and Jonathan put the wallpaper up in our bedroom, which looks fantastic, they are a good team. So lovely to have such a luxurious bedroom, I love it.

We are going to make the most of the sun the next couple of days and are heading off to the coast tomorrow and BeWILDerwood on Friday, so I'll be back with more photos soon !

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Getting my grove back

After what seems like months, I have actually starting creating again!! Note cards for Sarah, layouts, an address book (from my gorgeous scrapping angels kit and lifted from Sandie's notebook) as well as birthday cards and gift bags.

Yesterday Henry had a fantastic time at Your Touch of Craft, he attended the 'door hanging class'. I have never seen so much glitter in my life ! We have been swimming today, yet I can still see it on him! I then made one for Evie and one for Daisy - I love them !!

Mum and I headed for Felixstowe one afternoon last week when the sun was shining. The children loved it (although it was quite chilly by the sea) and Evie was desperate to go in 'that swimming pool' until her toes reached the shore and she realised how cold it was! Henry spent the whole time being 'Indiana Jones' climbing on the rocks. And Mum & I sat wishing there was a beach hut for sale in just the spot we wanted for not much money (I know - keep dreaming!)

Well, off to Scrapping Angels Summer Workshop at Buckden this Sunday, I am so excited, have all the photos ordered and tom tom is set ready, will show you my creations when I return.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

and more ...

decorating. Well we have finished the painting part of the bedroom and are now waiting on a pro to do the gloss then we will get on with the one wall that is going to be wallpapered, it will be so lovely when it's finished !
I went out to The One Bull with Annie and Amanda last night, we had a lovely meal and sat chatting until nearly midnight - it's been a long time since we caught up and it was such a great evening.
I now have the photographs of us in the toboggans in Madeira, being spun down the hill - just look at how tight the children are hanging on ! Was great fun and had to be done!

Really been getting into Facebook lately, have found all sorts of old friends, and realised it is 20 years since I left school - omg, that cannot be!

Have made a few birthday cards, but saving myself for the Scrapping Angels Summer workshop next weekend, Anna still has a few places spare if you fancy coming - it's going to be great!

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Lot's of photo's........

Okay, first check out these amazing photographs of Evie with her beloved 'Bear' which is actually a bunny that she has to suck to get to sleep. Yes, he is disgusting and smells disgusting, but I promise he goes into the washing machine regularly. He only comes out of her bed when we are having a long day out in the hope she will have a nap. Anyway, back to the photographs which Anna took - honestly, if you are thinking about having some photographs taken get in touch with her, as you can see her work is awesome.

We have had a nice week, Henry had a day at a friends whilst Evie and I went to music with mummies, we had a trip out with Amanda and met Anna at Capture the Magic for a shop and gossip then onto Newmarket Heath for a picnic, which we managed just before the rain came, we also went swimming with daisy and my mum and went for a walk with Sarah, Neil and Euan where we managed to persuade Henry to have a go riding his bike without his stabilisers, as you can see Uncle Neil had to hold on, but we will get there !!

Then today we had a family day out to Banham Zoo with Sarah & Euan whilst Neil played cricket, was a lovely day out and we are all now exhausted.

No crafting this week as every spare minute has been taken up decorating our bedroom (still a long way to go!)

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

It's finished - gone.........

I have just finished the last Harry Potter - I know, I know, I'm behind the times, but firstly I waited for the paperback and then waited until holiday to start it and now it is finished and I am feeling like I have lost a best friend. I loved this last book, what a fantastic finish.

Anyway, moving on, another busy week had flown past, birthday picnic's in the park, friends over to play, swimming and a day out to Centre Parcs with girlfriends. Sunday was nice, we popped into Cambridge to change some shoes Jonathan had brought which had split and then went into Laura Ashley as it was the last day of the sale and got some gorgeous wall paper, fabric and lamp shades, you guessed it, we have decided it is time to start on some DIY and our bedroom is first! We then went to my brothers new pub The One Bull for a roast chicken lunch and then back home to watch James Bond - what a perfect Sunday.

I have had the sewing machine out and made myself a handbag from this book

the fabric is leftover from my kitchen blinds.

I'll leave you with a picture of Evie, taken in the Abbey Gardens at Jago's 4th birthday picnic.