Sunday, 25 May 2008

Wet day activities

What a suprise, it's a bank holiday weekend and it's raining ! Out went our plans of the trip to the continental and flower market in town or to see the old army vehicles at Rougham, instead we snuggled down for a day at home. We have:

Made salt dough figures
and painted them !
Made orange biscuits
Built lego castles
Watched the golden compass

and I have cooked my favorite chicken and lentil curry for Jonathan and I to eat for dinner.

We did manage to get a walk in later when the rain died down, we were starting to go stir crazy ! Good luck to those going to the concert in the Abbey Gardens tonight !

I also packed away my sewing machine, I am not lucky enough to have a dedicated crafting area or room, so I use the dining room table. The sewing machine has been out for a couple of weeks and in that time I have covered six foam cusions for Sarah's dining room chairs (nearly finished hun - just the hand sewing to do) made Evie a ruck sack

and made myself a gorgeous bag from this book - I borrowed it from the library, but am now desperate for a copy, anyone who wants to buy me a pressie - this is what I want !! LOL !!


domestic goddess said...

ooo i love that bag!

suebaru said...

Oooh , you're posting! There was nothing here when I looked the other day!Love those bags, and yes, we have miserable rain here too :(