Thursday, 29 May 2008

Busy days

Yesterday we spent the day at the Suffolk Show, apart from the weather it was a fantastic day and we found that Henry has a knack for finding all the freebies and stickers there are available !

and after sharing a bag of candy floss, the sugar rush hit and they both ran around like loonies for the rest of the afternoon, Evie kept singing 'hop, skip, hop, skip' with these bunny ears on !

Had another busy day today, Henry wanted to go to work with Daddy and so spent the morning at the shop, helping to pass jewellery to them when they were putting the window in and then re-stocking the watch batteries etc. I had Daisy to look after this morning and then managed to catch up with Elaine and the children this afternoon.

These are a couple of the cards I made earlier in the week...........

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