Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Scrapping Fever!

Well now I've started I just can't stop! Am loving my Mosh Posh Kit's and EVERYTHING at House of 3!

I have printed off and put together this fantastic 'countdown'. I decided not to make a birthday one, but just general and so we are now on countdown for our camping trip next weekend (10 days to go!) But it would make a great pre-birthday gift for someone.

And I love working with kits. What I especially like about Mosh Posh is how quickly the DT get the gallery up, as I love to see what they have done and get ideas - and quite often 'lift' their ideas............

The children and I had a busy weekend, Jonathan was back down in Margate on Saturday afternoon through to Sunday night, so we amused ourselves with Henry's School Summer Fayre, where Henry went into the stocks and got soaked!

Sunday we went to church, then town , then Mum's and then off to meet friends at The Cadogan Arms for a late Sunday lunch - perfect except for the fact that Jonathan wasn't there with us!

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine


Thursday, 18 June 2009

Difficult times.

On Thursday 11th June, Jonathan's Dad, Reg, passed away very peacefully with his wife and two son's with him. It is a very sad time, but also a relief, as he was in a lot of pain. I cannot imagine how Jonathan is really feeling, as long as Reg has been ill and in his mid 80's, when your Dad actually dies it is so hard to imagine never being able to have a conversation with them again. He will be sorely missed, he was a wonderful character and both Jonathan and his brother Philip have inherited his fantastic sense of humour. Life hasn't been easy, as Jonathan only got home from Margate last night and I have found juggling everything here on my own under such un-predictable times pretty tough. It is such a relief to have Jonathan home.

Poor Henry has tonsillitis at the moment, so has been off school for the last couple of days, but I think he is ready to go back tomorrow!

The Sebert Wood School Fayre is this Saturday and so I have been baking Banana Loaf and Brownies ready for the cake stall, with Evies help of course!

I have been using my gorgeous May & June Mosh Posh Kits and using their gallery for inspiration:

I am also working on a House of 3 countdown project, I'll show you when it's finished!

Henry went to a friends cowboy party last Saturday - wish I'd got a photo of him all dressed up, but I did get one of the card I made....

How cute is that!

Talking of cute, look at these piccies of Evie from this morning dressed up as Stephanie from Lazytown!

Well, that's it from this week, will try and catch up again soon xx

Thursday, 11 June 2009

What a week...

Well it's been a very busy and un-predictable week, with more to follow!
Saturday was great, I joined the district Beaver Scouts on a trip to Hunstanton. We started at the Sealife centre........

Couldn't resist getting one of Nemo and Dory!.....
Then onto the beach, we were so lucky with the weather and the boys had a blast!

But last Thursday Jonathans dad got taken into his local hospice and we made a mad dash on Sunday to see him as he was keen to see Henry and Evie, unfortunately, before we got there, the nurses had to sedate him and he has been in a coma ever since. The children both went and said hello to him and left him pictures, and perhaps he heard them and knew they were there - who can tell? So Jonathan has stayed down with his brother and mum and they have stayed by his bedside waiting for him to pass away, he is being stubborn and is keeping them waiting. But one good (and amazing) thing is that Jonathan and his brother have been communicating and are having a laugh together when things get a bit too heavy!

So I am here keeping things together, working lot's and trying to keep the children's routine going. I couldn't have done any of it without the amazing support of my parents, especially mum who even came with me on Sunday to help with the children (mainly Evie!) on the journey.

I even managed my first scrapbook page for a long time, one I have been wanting to do with my May Mosh Posh Kit..........

Sorry, the colours on the photograph are so bright - it's not quite that vivid in real life! I have also made new cushion covers for the garden and finished my Cloth kits skirt (with a little help from mum!) So I am keeping busy!

I am hoping to spend some of the weekend in the garden as the weeds are growing again after all the rain we have - but the garden is looking very green and lovely!

Have a good weekend xxx

Friday, 5 June 2009

7 week countdown

to the next school holidays, where has this year gone? My babies are growing up far too soon and in September Henry is going to be starting year 3 and Evie will be spending five afternoons a week in Nursery. But for now, it's nice to be back in the routine after the half term break.
We have been trying to spend as much time in the garden as the weather permits, and it's lovely to see everything coming into bloom.

Thanks to my friend Dawn, I have now found out about PICNIK, perfect for 'messing about' with my photos - if you haven't already tried it, give it a go!

Talking of Dawn we met up with Helen yesterday for a lovely lunch at The Cadogan Arms and had a good catch up.

I have also got on and crocheted another cushion for Evie'e bedroom, I am loving it and if you need some ideas check out Attic 24.

Lastly, quite an exciting update, the 'Your Touch of Craft Autumn Workshop' date has been confirmed, so get out your diaries and mark the 13th September down! I'll let you know more when we start booking, which will be very soon!