Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Six weeks.....

Yup, you read right, it's six weeks until Christmas!

Okay, Anthea's 'six weeks before' list is quite a short one:

* Start buying your gifts-and wrapping them to save time later.

* Place any online orders for gifts to make the most of regular posting dates.

* Plan the theme for your dining table and buy any accessories, such as crackers.

* Check your table linen.

Another 'Anthea' update in a couple of weeks time!

I have to admit to not getting everything done off the eight week list yet, especially making the Christmas cards! Although I have wrapped one present, made the Christmas cake and pudding, so quite proud of myself for that! I have also made some very simple gift tags with labels I brought cheap at the post office !


Sandie said...

Love those tags!!! I think I'll be coming back for updates on what I'm "supposed" to be doing for xmas!! We've bought some presents, and 2 rolls of wrapping paper.......its a start :)

Goosey said...

I like Anthea's list however I have followed the flylady tips for the past few years and found them to be good. The best one I found was to put a box somewhere downstairs which you put wrapping paper, sellotape, tags, bows etc... and it's there for everyone to use and doesn't scatter around the house. Worked for me!!