Sunday, 9 November 2008

Lot's of bits to share

Well last Wednesday was the day I needed my camera and didn't have it with me! Firstly I took my niece Daisy to our Music with Mummy session and she and Evie were sooo cute together you would not believe! Lot's of cuddles, kisses and pudding stirring going on! Unfortunately I got a completely flat tyre on the way home, but a nice AA man got it sorted and luckily (as all my tyres are new) when I went to the garage they could mend the flat rather than replace it! Then on Wednesday evening I got to take the children to see some fireworks, a bit impromptu, but that's always the best way! After Henry's swimming class at Culford School we spotted the huge bonfire across the field and decided to go and join in the fun! Evie was very apprehensive at first, but loved it after the first few bangs, "those are amazing mummy" she kept saying and later told my mum that they had been 'fantastic'! I do love a good old fashioned bonfire and fireworks (especially when they start early enough for the children to enjoy) I am really not into the whole fairground thing!
The week has gone by in a blur as I have had to work a couple of extra lunchtimes at the shop and Friday Annie and I spent the whole day sorting and re-organising her scrap room, which I think, she is very happy with. It is not quite finished but still 100% better than it was!
Last night was the Etheldreda Ladies Night at Newmarket and we had a table of friends with us, alot of fun and sillyness was had by all, as you can see!:

This is such a fantastic group of friends and it's always great to dress up, eat, drink and dance!
Then today we went to town to watch the remembrance service on the Angel Hill. This always brings a tear to my eye and I have memories of laying the wreath for the girl guides when I was young in our village. We are so good at these traditions, I just love to watch and be part of it. Here in Bury we even have two helicopters that fly past at 11am, really an amazing sight.

And lastly I have been crafting again! Two baby quilts (and one more to make) a few bits for Henry's class Christmas hamper and this..... to go beside our front door!

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Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

OH WOW!! Love the framed name/circle piece!
And your pics from the remberence event are wonderful!!!!

Sandie said...

I love your framed art work, just gorgeous!!! And your photos are wonderful from remembrance, how great that this takes place!