Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Easter Blessings

Easter is my favorite holiday, I love the cooking, having my family over for a big Easter Sunday lunch and the promise of spring. Unfortunately this hasn't been the case for a while. Last year I woke up with terrible stomach pains on Easter Sunday and Jonathan ended up taking me to the out of hours doctor at the hospital, this year we have family illness and are backwards and forwards to Margate to visit Jonathan's parents. It hasn't been the best start to 2009, Jonathan said last week 'Stop the world, I want to get off' - that sums up how we are feeling, but life has to go on and we are keeping our heads down and getting on with it!
On a lighter note, Your Touch of Crafts Spring Workshop was fantastic! Suezie, Annie and Anna all taught classes and all the ladies seemed to enjoy themselves and hopefully made some new friends, although it was all on a tight schedule to get it all in!
We have been asked when the next one is and we are working on it - perhaps a summer one? Please let us know what you would like! But at the moment, Amanda is pretty busy opening a new bead shop in Norfolk - good luck Amanda xx

Well, as mentioned we have spent a few days in Margate, and had a couple of lovely afternoons on the beach collecting shells and stones, unfortunately I forgot to take my camera with me both times! Evie also managed to fall into a rock pool within the first five minutes, which meant walking back to get changed before setting off again! The children found the whole weekend quite an adventure as they got to sleep in bunk beds in their sleeping bags - in the same room as us! - Again, will get a photo this weekend when we go back. I cannot explain Jonathan's parents house to you but let's just say it totally made me appreciate my own home when I got home!
I did get these two photos, do you like the one of Evie on the DS?! She hadn't a clue what she was doing, just kept pressing buttons!

My birthday is in a couple of weeks, so I have been working on my wish list, and I thought I'd give you a few sneaks of some of the things on it....
Firstly the Nikon 50mm fs1.8mm af

Secondly my favorite perfume, unfortunately it is one that YSL only bring out every few years and I have now run out, you can occasionally find it online, fingers crossed!
and a book called 'Outstanding Mini Albums' speaks for itself really doesn't it!

I'll bring you more from my wish list next post and perhaps some beach photos if the weather stays good!
For all you easter lovers out there please check out the fantastic easter downloads available from House of 3, they are gorgeous!
Have a fantastic weekend


Lisa Olson said...

HI Sara,
would be great to see you at CTM, we have some cards and scrap layouts along with a gift idea with a difference. All the lucious K & Co Papers and accessories.
Great post btw and seeing the food and the pics makes me want to do it all over again.

domestic goddess said...

hope things start to pick up for you all
have a lovely easter weekend
hugs xxx

Lisa Olson said...

HI Sara, thanks for stoping by ti was lovely to see you too. I am back at CTM on the 2nd of May doing the designs by the inch demo. Speak to you soon.