Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Where oh where?

has the time gone? sorry this post has taken two weeks - life is stressful and hectic, but we at least got back to normal today with the first day of summer term - I love routine - I'm sure I have told you that before! Evie had her first swimming lesson without me going in with her and she was fantastic! Fingers crossed it carries on that way.
So what's been happening? well in no particular order, I took Henry to A&E last Friday morning when he managed to cut his thumb whilst chopping himself up an apple - lot's of blood and screaming and fuss, but they put steristrips on it and bandaged it well. He has to keep it dry and is very protective of it, we have an appointment with the nurse on Friday to remove the dressing and hope it has healed okay.
We spent Easter weekend back in Margate and had a few hours out, playing in parks, looking at viking ships and playing with Easter toys

When we got back home they started the eggs, these two crack me up how they just take a huge bite rather than breaking pieces off

The weather has been so good, and yesterday we went to WestStow park and met up with friends, this is Evie making sand angels! - yes the sand was everywhere!

Last week we went to Nowton Park for a fire building activity. It was good fun and we got to cook both sausages and marshmallows.

I have also been crafting! This is the dt layout I did with the Marrakesh range for Your Touch of Craft

and I managed to pack up a few projects to take to Margate to keep myself amused in the evenings! These are a selection...

Today I have labelled and organised my scrapbook shelves, they look gorgeous. It is in my spare room and we have friends coming to stay this weekend, so I am trying to get the room looking good again!
Poor Jonathan is now on his fourth trip to Margate in the same number of weeks, it was a bit last minute and as it is my birthday tomorrow he wasn't happy about it, but he got me to open my lovely presents from him before he went and he is hoping to be back in time for going out tomorrow night.
Think I have remembered everything to tell you!
Catch up sooner next time I promise

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Lisa Olson said...

Hi Sara, Happy belated Birthday to you, your scrap pages are just divine thats my kinda layout.