Friday, 23 January 2009

Bits and Bob's

I feel completely scrapped out now! So no more layout's to share.
Jonathan had a wedding fair to attend on Sunday so Mum and Dad and I took the children for a long walk around Ickworth, our local National Trust Park. Was a gorgeous day and the children walked for a good couple of miles, through fields of sheep, over stiles, across bridges and through the woods, really was fantastic. No photos as I didn't take my camera, sometimes I just want to enjoy being in the moment rather than thinking about photo opportunities all the time!

Evie did a spot of dressing up yesterday:
as you can see, she has her own style, fairy skirt, cowgirl jacket and summer hat!
This week Evie has taken to wanting to ride her bike or scooter to school, which firstly takes about three times as long so I have to be extra organised and secondly means me doing a lot of pushing and pulling her along! Henry has taken his scooter on these days and is fantastic on it now - has completely 'got it', but I must make the effort to get him out for some bike riding practice, although this wet weather is not helping.
And tonight Elaine cooked tea for the children (and I may have eaten a little!) These five little beans have all know each other since birth, well okay, Molly is six months younger than Henry so since Henry was six months old! They are just like family and we love them all to bit's. Now the oldest are at school we find it difficult to get together as often as we used to so these play dates are such great fun for them. Thanks Elaine!

Alex, Henry, Evie, Molly and Harry.

Well, the children are in bed, Jonathan is out and I am going to go and watch some big brother before it all comes to an end!

Oh and remember to get on and book the Your Touch of Craft Spring Work Shop asap! It's going to be a fantastic day, find all the details on their blog.



Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

that evie....she is gorgeous!!!!

Sandie said...

Aaaaaw look at Evie, she is a cutie!!! Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can come in March xx

Sandie said...
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Dawn said...

I often use strange words - it always makes my Mark laugh!!! also at certain times of the month I use the completely wrong word even though I know what the right one is and as soon as I say it I think "what an idiot"!!!

domestic goddess said...

love that photo of Evie, gotta be scrapped!

Lisa Olson said...

Well it certainly looks like you have been busy again!! Sara, lovin your blog stories.
Thanks for stopping by today.