Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Baking and Birthdays

Yes, I know I should be getting back to a sensible eating plan - ie: dieting! but I am just not ready yet! Firstly, I didn't eat too badly over the festive break, secondly, Jonathan's birthday is on Sunday which will mean another weekend of food and thirdly, I am loving cooking as much as possible out of my new Jamie Oliver cookbook!
Yesterday Evie and I decided to do some baking and made a gorgeous Bakewell Tart, I love Bake well Tart but had never attempted to make it myself before, it was really good and I will get the recipe on my recipe blog soon.

Henry had an appointment at the hospital today to get his sight checked as he complains of the board at school going blurry, but he is fine and at the moment his sight is perfect - long may it continue! Then he was off to school, his first day back - and --- Evie starts pre-school tomorrow morning - yippee, I think we both need it and I so hope she enjoys it!
At the moment she is fast asleep on the sofa upstairs, this is a rarity as she doesn't stop for long enough unless she is in bed usually!

I have decided to join Emily Falconbridge on her 52Q, check it out and let me know if you decide to join too, not sure whether to use playing cards or luggage tags yet!
Will be back with birthday piccies after the weekend.


Helen Aitchison said...

I have joined 52Q on Flickr too ! and ordered myself 52 (well 60) 140cm square cardboard envelopes to use.... will show you when they come! Lovely family photo on the last post too. Luv Henry's stripy jumper.

Sandie said...

Aaaw bless Evie asleep, she looks adorable, all snuggled up!! Love the look of that bakewell too, yum!

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

that bakewell looks SO GOOD!!! it's my favorite you know!!!!!
what did you put on top? i have never put anything on top before.

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh Sara if only I could eat that!!! I am wheat intolerant but I can pretend. It looks like the festive season was busy for you, and such a cute photo of a certain someone asleep.