Friday, 30 January 2009

Another week..

has just flown by!
The weekend was just an easy stay-at-home one, which I love. This is Evie in the shower, wearing Henry's school swim hat so that her hair didn't get wet!
and this is her doing her babies ironing whilst I stood beside her doing mine!
and, surprise, surprise here is Henry playing with his Lego. He is Lego mad and if it involves Star Wars Lego all the better! Even his favorite game on the DS is Lego Star Wars!

Jonathan was away at the beginning of the week and I decided to watch a film from my LOVE FILM rental, didn't really check to see what it was, thought it was a romantic comedy - it was PS. I Love You, oh my goodness did I cry - all the way through it! Was a fantastic film though!
Last night we picked my godson Euan up from Nursery and looked after him until his Mummy collected him at bedtime - here are the three of them having fun in the bath
and this is Euan with his much adored bunny - he was a dream to look after, and such a cutie!

Little bit busier this weekend, we are taking the children to Cambridge this weekend to see an amateur charity pantomime, which a lot of our friends are involved in - so should be fun. Then Sunday the children are off to my parents whilst Jonathan and I head off to The RAC Club in London for lunch!

Have a good week



Sandie said...

Cute piccies!! Hannah has exactly the same iron and ironing board as Evie!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara, love your blog, i'm a housewife in Stowmarket so not far away. Glad i'm not the only housewife in suffolk who likes crafting! Pop and see my blog sometime too x

Anonymous said...

HaHa, wish we could afford a camera like yours! Im pretty sure he got me a Sony W170. Its a huge improvement on my current one as i have been using my mobile phone camera for months! Will be checking the diary for the march crop! x

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

cute cute pics!!!
that euan is gorgeous!!!!
see you tonight!

Lisa Olson said...

Oh Sara, it looks like you had a great time and your creations are amazing as ever. Yes we did have a fantastic time. Though I can't wait to meet up with you on the 29th.