Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Still busy

Life seems to have been busy, we had parties at the weekend, Henry went to his friend Zain's party in Stowmarket on Saturday afternoon, then Nana had the children whilst Jonathan & I headed off to the Langran's house in Cambridge for a lovely Barbecue with a group known as the 04's!- as always seeing these friends is great fun, always so pleased that we all keep in touch and make the effort.

Sunday we made a cous cous salad I found the recipe on this website, flap jacks, snickerdoodles and lemon drizzle cake all to take to Deans 4th birthday party. Another Barbecue and a bouncy castle - great fun, only downer was that Jonathan was at a wedding fair selling his wares and couldn't join us. Was really good to catch up with Anna and her family and she managed to grab this photograph of me and the children - not easy as Evie was NOT playing ball. But I love it so much and am hoping to scrap it very soon.

Yesterday I attended a service to celebrate Maxine's life, was a wonderful uplifting service at the church which Maxine attended regularly, lots of lovely stories told about her to make us all smile and remember the fabulous and amazing person she was. And of course I cried all the way through it :(

My friend Annie is back home to America this weekend for 3 weeks, I will miss her very much - but her husband Spike is very keen for me to come over and help move her scrap room whilst she is away - how exciting is that!! I LOVE clearing out and sorting - not so sure that Annie wants me in there without her to supervise though!

No making this week, only a couple of cards, so nothing to show off.

My brother David and my sister in law Rox with my niece Daisy have all moved in to town again, they are taking on a new business venture - The One Bull pub in town, really looking forward to it opening at the end of July.

My Mum has managed to sprain her ankle and is supposed to be resting it for a few days, those of you who know her will realise how impossible it is for my mum to sit for more than a few minutes at a time!

As I said, busy, busy. Have a good Hump day



Andrea said...

WOW!!! You are one busy woman!!!!
I LOVE that picture of you with the kids!!! Very cute!!! Anyway, try to rest some!!!

suebaru said...

Love that photo! And clearing Annie's scrap room...does she know?!

Joyce said...

Adorable Picture of you and the kids!!!

domestic goddess said...

we must get together whilst Annie is away:)
husg xx