Thursday, 19 June 2008


Had the most fantastic impromptu day today, just love it when that happens. This morning was Henry's sports day, check him out and look at that tongue stuck out in concentration, just like his great Grandad! But why oh why do we have to have 'non competitive' sports day activities?

Anyway after that four of us plus a very well behaved Evie went to town for lunch at The Angel Hotel, which was delicious and even better, my friends husband treated us ! - how lovely is that.
Evie and I decided not to get a lift home but to stroll around town and then into the Abbey Gardens and a play in the park before our walk back to get Henry from school (takes about 20 minutes - all uphill, with Evie in the buggy)

The sun shone and all was okay with the world!

Some more making:

Must start writing down some of the funny things Evie is saying at the moment, she manages to annoy Henry by saying 'stop copying me' even when he is not and another is 'boring' which she totally gets from Henry. And she is always telling me to 'Be careful Mummy, mind your fingers' when I am cutting food in the kitchen. She does make us laugh.
Jonathan has spent the day at the National Association of Goldsmiths AGM which has been held at Old Trafford in Manchester -does nothing for him as he is NOT into football, but Henry was quite impressed! He should be home soon from his very long day out.
Well off to watch BB and do the ironing.


domestic goddess said...

love the heart !, see you sunday xx

Joyce said...

Cute blog!!! I love all your homemade stuff!!!

suebaru said...

Impromptu lunches are the best sort!Hope you had a good weekend!