Thursday, 3 July 2008

I know,

I know, I thought I'd be updating this blog much more regularly than I have been, I either run out of time or go completely blank on whats been happening !

Had a good weekend,I worked on Saturday as we had a 'Pearl Day' at the shop, which was very exciting, the pearl expert brought the Tahitian necklace of the year with him and guess what? - We sold it ! as you can imagine I have a very happy husband ! On Sunday I took a car load of baby stuff to a sale and managed to earn £75 in two hours, not bad ! Still have some stuff left over, but have put the few bits of 'equipment' in the free ads, so keeping my fingers crossed I can get rid of it all. I love sorting (how many times can I say that!)

Then we had a late lunch at Mum & Dad's to celebrate Dad's birthday which was yesterday - Happy birthday Daddy xx . The weather was nice enough to spend some time playing french cricket outside and the children all love spending time together.

My brother is very busy getting everything ready for the opening of his new pub, The One Bull, the menu looks great, can't wait for it to open.

Had my friend Anna and her daughter Katie over for lunch on Tuesday, we ate in the garden and I made a Salmon & Asparagus pie and we drank Pimm's - was very civilised,

Evie tells me Katie is her 'best friend' (this changes daily)

Wednesday is Music with Mummies morning, and I love it ! I started six years ago when Henry was a baby and have know quite a few of these ladies

Since then, I never want to leave (sorry Polly you are stuck with us forever!) especially since Evie has not got a place at pre-school for next term - seems they have a very long waiting list.
Henry got his school report this week, and we are very happy with it. He seems to be interested and tries hard, he is caring and popular. He just needs to improve his concentration and not get distracted - that's our Henry, we are always saying that he lives in Loopy La La Land !
Hope to come back and update soon xx


Joyce said... cool is that group of moms and their babes!!! What a neat thing to do!!

suebaru said...

Hmm, I really think I need to get you over here to sort my clutter as you enjoy it so much!!

domestic goddess said...

well done Henry :) hope to see you next week hun xx

Andrea said...

I wish I could squueze ina moms group, but I just don't have the time!! Oh well, glad you had fun!!!