Wednesday, 6 May 2009

May sunshine

May the 1st saw Sebert Wood doing some May Pole dancing - but without the pole! This is Henry's class...

and this is me holding Evie's hand whilst the pre-school have a go!
Another trip to Margate last weekend, we went out for a while on Monday, a little bit of shopping was done at Westcross Shopping centre and then off to Ramsgate for a bracing walk along the front, lunch at an Italian where Henry ate a most amazing seafood and bean salad with lots of mussels, prawns and squid - he really was in seventh heaven and then Jonathan took us all to Pelosi's, which is the most amazing 1950's style ice cream parlour.

The ice cream is so delicious and it is served on little silver dishes. The whole place is immaculate and the walls are covered in all the awards they have won. Anybody heading to Ramsgate I recommend you pop in and grab yourself a couple of scoops!

Henry played on his DS alot and I started some crochet - something I haven't done in a very long time and I loved it - watch this space for some pictures!
Have I told you about Evie and Claire? Claire is Evie's Uncle Philips girlfriend whom we met at Margate at Christmas and have seen alot of since when she has been visiting on the same weekends as us. Evie idolises Claire, honestly, she hardly leaves her side! And of course Claire is wonderful and plays with her loads...........

I also managed to get a shot of Henry, Evie and Jonathan with Jonathan's parents - Grandma and Grandad.
Henry and I are supposed to be camping on the school field Friday night, but the weather forecast is not looking good at the moment, I am wondering if it will be cancelled - this is the third time they have tried to organise it, so we are really keeping our fingers crossed that it is fine as it should be really good fun!
Well, gotta get on with the bookwork, ironing, shopping list etc etc!
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Joyce said...

Hi there!!! Thought I'd stop by....been along time!!

Dawn said...

The photo of Evie with the ice-cream has a really vintage look to it - love it :-))