Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Camp Cowboys!

Yup, that was us, the 'Camp Cowboys'! On Friday Henry and I eventually got to camp on the school field - it was third try lucky, but we did it, and we had so much fun! For me the huge jugfuls of Cosmopolitan Tracy made helped - mixed of course with the company of some very good friends! For Henry, staying up until 11pm, sitting on an airbed with friends, playing on his DS and eating chocolate - all at the same time, did it for him! Lisa also organised a quiz and a Treasure Hunt in the dark - of which we won both!

So this was our pennant, attached to our very cosy Kath Kidston tent...........

Here is the afore mentioned tent!

And here are our two tents next to each other with drinks and food area set out between - we were collectively known as the 'Party Tent'! Where do we get these reputations from?

and lastly, a shot of me, kindly taken by Simon. As you can see we wrapped up to keep cosy!

Onto Sunday, which was my brother birthday. He invited a few friends and family over for drinks and nibbles and luckily the weather was gorgeous so we were out on his roof deck which over looks the Abbey Gardens. This is him with Henry............

and then with the fantastic t-shirt that we got him, we often called him Danger mouse as he has the same initials, so couldn't resist - not sure he was so keen!

Daisy, Evie and Theo couldn't keep their eyes off the cake, actually, Theo couldn't keep his fingers off it - bless him!
And then a great deal of fun was had with a pink blow up sofa (can you see the Abbey Gates in the back ground - really AMAZING views)

More fun had with the sofa, that's David's legs sticking out from underneath!

And Evie with her Auntie Rox, I know it's a silly smile, but that's all I could get (from Evie - not Rox!)

And apart from that I have worked, so nothing else to report. I hope to get the sewing machine out very soon, and I have ordered this kit from Mosh Posh, so really looking forward to getting some of these pictures scrapped.
Have a good week xx


Dawn said...

have just read your comment on Annie's blog - trust you to mention a dishy doctor - do you think Annie would have noticed???? did make me chuckle

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

what fun pictures....i think we need that tent...and how cute are you with your little sign on the tent!!!
that picture of you is gorgeous!!!
you are HOT in pink :)

Sandie said...

I just love that photo of the kids with the cake!!! Looks like you had fun!