Thursday, 18 December 2008

All things Christmas

Sunday was great, we decorated the Christmas tree first - Evie is not old enough to remember our decorations from the year before, so everything is new to her which is wonderful, we then headed off to Ickworth, our local National Trust property, to see Father Christmas, and he did not disappoint!
It was wonderful and so was he. Evie was quite nervous and didn't want to get too close, but was happy to tell him what she wanted for Christmas (a pink dummy for Tiny Tears - I think Father Christmas can manage that!). Then after hot chocolate and scones in the restaurant we headed off home for an afternoon in front of the TV watching Christmas DVDs.
Tuesday morning Henry had his Christmas performance - the Raggedy King, held at the local church. It was lovely, lot's of singing. Henry was quite disappointed to only be a cow in the stable, especially as his best friend was one of the narrators/shepherds! but he was full of smiles on the stage. I realised, for obvious reasons, that he desperately needed a wee (Henry cannot hold a wee!) so I had to dash up the side of the stage and rescue him, I'm sure the parents are really pleased to have my head going past their video screens - but I couldn't sit and watch him have an accident!
I have made reindeer food for Henry to give to his classmates

and cookies for the teachers (recipe here) and made bags to put them in from Anna's blog - I loved them so much I didn't want to give them away!
Today I have made Salmon Couilbiac for Boxing Day lunch and popped it in the freezer, so easy but so effective! So all in all I am feeling pretty sorted and calm.
We have a busy few evenings coming up, tomorrow we are out separately with various friends, Saturday is the 'work do!' and Sunday we are at friends for dinner.
Henry's last day at school is tomorrow, but unfortunately he is going to miss his Christmas party as I need to collect him after lunch and take him to an appointment at the hospital to check his hearing - so as a treat we are off to MacDonald's for tea.
Anthea's Christmas countdown:
One Week before:
*Decorate the house and Christmas tree
*Shop for any foods that you need to see or touch before buying. Leave buying fresh food as late as you can.
*If you've got a frozen turkey check how long it will take to defrost. Make a note on the calendar, so you don't forget to get it out of the freezer on time.


Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

what lovely pics of your tree decorating...and look at you go with those cookies + bags...fab!!
it appears you are all sorted and ready for christmas..YEAH!!!!
ps thanks for having spike round...he really enjoyed himself!

Sandie said...

Love your tree decorating pics!! And those cookies and bags look fabulous. You are SO organised!!!

Lisa said...

Aw Sara, how warmly and cuddly festive does it look in your house, I love your Christmas creations, any room at the table for three more???? LOL just kidding!!

Lisa said...

Hi Sara, there is a little something for you over at my blog.