Thursday, 4 December 2008

3 week countdown

Okay, I'm going to start with Anthea's 3 week countdown:
*Post your UK parcels and cards.
*Cook and freeze sauces, desserts and vegetable dishes that can be made ahead.
*Make/buy and freeze a few 'family suppers' for the busy days before Christmas.
*Locate the nutcrackers and corkscrew - two vital gadgets that have a habit of disappearing.
*Finish your gift shopping.
*Prepare your guest room.

So, how are you all doing? Keeping up!
Well I have come down with 'the cold'. The rest of the family have had it and I thought I'd managed to avoid it, but unfortunately not, I have to admit to feeling awful as it is making my sinus's very sore - I even have ear-ache. My lovely Mum has taken Evie off my hands this afternoon and is also collecting Henry from school and giving them both tea before bringing them home tonight, love Mum! xx
I have been busy making various bits, like these fabric 'crackers', 16 of them actually, to fill with little gifts for everyone sitting around the Christmas table.

And I have made a load more of these little albums that Anna taught us at the Scrapping Angels Workshop in November. I have filled them with photos of the children and will post them off to various family members.

I am also making a patchwork quilt for Evie. I made one for Henry when he was a similar age and I have been meaning to make one for Evie for months, so with 3 weeks to go until Christmas here I am making it (mad, I know) I can't wait to get it done so that I can get the sewing machine put away.
The only trouble with doing all this is that my house is a tip! Really need to have a good clean before I start to think about putting decorations of any sort out.
Jonathan has been out and about lot's, he's in London today having a Christmas lunch with some committee or other!
We spent Sunday afternoon at the Hafermann's celebrating both Addie's birthday (which is on boxing day!) and Thanksgiving. The children were all very over excited and a bit of a nightmare, so we didn't stay late (as children's parties are Jonathan's idea of hell!) but we had some fantastic food, Annie and her friends had worked very hard. I made a cranberry upside down cake for her, the recipe of which is now on my recipe blog for you to check out.
There are a lot more craft projects I'd like to fit in before Christmas, but I am not going to push it!
The children got their December pressie on Sunday, they always get a Christmas book and/or DVD at the beginning December. Then Monday they started the advent calender. I always make sure they get a nativity calender, so they remember what advent means and this year M&S came up trumps with a nativity calender with chocolates in. I really don't agree with the whole chocolate thing, but when all Henry's friends have one, it's difficult to say no, but I do make them share it and take it turns each day to open the doors (I have Christmas jelly baby ready for the one who doesn't open the door that day!)
Catch up again soon - let me know how your Christmas countdown is going xx


Sandie said...

Its no wonder you're you ever stop LOL!!!

domestic goddess said...

love all your crafts, what a great use for the little mini book!
hugs xx

Giuli said...

Hi I'm not a good housewife: I don't like cooking, cleaning, ironing, washing clothes... But I love your blog!=)