Sunday, 10 August 2008

Lot's of photo's........

Okay, first check out these amazing photographs of Evie with her beloved 'Bear' which is actually a bunny that she has to suck to get to sleep. Yes, he is disgusting and smells disgusting, but I promise he goes into the washing machine regularly. He only comes out of her bed when we are having a long day out in the hope she will have a nap. Anyway, back to the photographs which Anna took - honestly, if you are thinking about having some photographs taken get in touch with her, as you can see her work is awesome.

We have had a nice week, Henry had a day at a friends whilst Evie and I went to music with mummies, we had a trip out with Amanda and met Anna at Capture the Magic for a shop and gossip then onto Newmarket Heath for a picnic, which we managed just before the rain came, we also went swimming with daisy and my mum and went for a walk with Sarah, Neil and Euan where we managed to persuade Henry to have a go riding his bike without his stabilisers, as you can see Uncle Neil had to hold on, but we will get there !!

Then today we had a family day out to Banham Zoo with Sarah & Euan whilst Neil played cricket, was a lovely day out and we are all now exhausted.

No crafting this week as every spare minute has been taken up decorating our bedroom (still a long way to go!)


suebaru said...

Love those photos of Evie! Sounds like you've been really busy!

Andrea said...

Great photos!!

Sounds like you have been very busy!

Rebecca said...

Beautiful photos! I hope you share photo's of your bedroom when you are done.