Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Getting my grove back

After what seems like months, I have actually starting creating again!! Note cards for Sarah, layouts, an address book (from my gorgeous scrapping angels kit and lifted from Sandie's notebook) as well as birthday cards and gift bags.

Yesterday Henry had a fantastic time at Your Touch of Craft, he attended the 'door hanging class'. I have never seen so much glitter in my life ! We have been swimming today, yet I can still see it on him! I then made one for Evie and one for Daisy - I love them !!

Mum and I headed for Felixstowe one afternoon last week when the sun was shining. The children loved it (although it was quite chilly by the sea) and Evie was desperate to go in 'that swimming pool' until her toes reached the shore and she realised how cold it was! Henry spent the whole time being 'Indiana Jones' climbing on the rocks. And Mum & I sat wishing there was a beach hut for sale in just the spot we wanted for not much money (I know - keep dreaming!)

Well, off to Scrapping Angels Summer Workshop at Buckden this Sunday, I am so excited, have all the photos ordered and tom tom is set ready, will show you my creations when I return.


Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

so happy to see you are creating...and SO MUCH!!!
can you please share your groove with me??? i am too wiped out to even walk up the stairs let alone craft!!
have fun tomorrow!!

Rebecca said...

What beautiful work!!!!!! Keep going and share often!

Dawn said...

Hi Sara, fab catching up with you again and agree there should be far more socialising. Let me know if you go organising anything!! Sorry Cutting Edge couldn't help but glad you found them at CTM. Have now added your blog to my daily read list (will I ever get any crafting done?!)