Thursday, 26 February 2009

Normality Returns - ish!

I love it when the children go back to school - have I said this before? Probably!
It's not that I don't enjoy being with my children, I just so miss the routine of term time, if you haven't guessed already I am a routine kinda gal!
Well, half term was pretty busy, but I didn't get my camera out once, sometimes I just like to be part of it and not on the outside taking photos - do you know what I mean?
Anyway, we ended the week attending a fantastic suprise dinner for Annies husband Spike - was such good fun and I am so grateful for my friend Tracy babysitting for us (thanks hun xx). I am hoping that Annie will foward me on a few photos that Anna took when she get's around to sorting them out (hint, hint!)
The children get so tired by the end of the term, I took this photo of Evie on Friday 13th, I had given them early baths before tea and Evie was not wanting to leave Mummies side, so I moved her beanbag into the kitchen where I was cooking and I looked around to find she had fallen asleep - Evie does this so rarely I have to get a photo when it happens! She was not in a good mood when I had to wake her!

I have managed some crafting, anyone else found these in Matalan? They are only £15 and I love them I made one for me, for beside my desk and one for my Mum as part of her birthday present!

and I have need to make lot's of card's, this is a selection:

Amanda and I are now getting very excitied about the YTC Spring Workshop, we have had a few sneak peeks of the classes and they are fab, there are only a few places left, so if you haven't booked already, hurry up and do so!

Back soon with more photos I promise!



Dawn said...

Love the frames from matalan and all the cards - really like the baby girl one. Can't wait to hear what we are doing at the workshop - I'm so excited!!! See you soon

Anonymous said...

Fab idea with the frames, I did a similar thing for people at xmas! Love your cards too. I'm not too keen on the whole getting up and out for 9am with the kids thing, so I loved half term!
Lou XX

Sandie said...

Those Matalan frames are fabulous, I will have to look out for those! Your pic of Evie is SO cute, definitely a scrapping pic xx

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

i never got to matalan before i left...can you pick me up one of those frames pretty please???
hope you got the link with all the bday pictures....there were some great ones....a very good one of me you and anna

Dawn said...

I really enjoyed the me time and learnt how best to use my Marvy Le Plume pens - Gina was a great teacher.
Hope all the plans for the workshop are coming along nicely - not long now