Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Being social!!

Yes, it feels like we are having a very social February, last Friday Evie and I had lunch at Ask with about 15 others to help my lovely friend Karen celebrate her birthday........

and this is Evie enjoying herself! at the table!
Sunday Dad came round for a roast as my Mum is in Singapore with her sister. It is over 40 years since they were last there. They lived in Singapore for many years, first when they were very young and again as teenagers, here are a few pictures I have of my Mum whilst she was living there. The one when she was little was on the ship on the way there and my Nana has writtern on the back 'The windows at the back of Jane, belong to the nursery. Don't worry Mum's , I haven't dumped her there yet'
Then these next two are obviously teenage years, the head shot seems to be a professional photograph, probably from her modelling portfolio, unfortunately I don't seem to have any of the modelling photographs in my possession - yet!
Anyway, they decided it was time to go back, but were both so disappointed to see so little of the old Singapore and even worse, the food had gone downhill!
Evie and I had lunch at a friends yesterday and she has a 3 month little girl called Nella - was lovely to have a cuddle, but no, it doesn't make me want more! Evie loves it, she is such a little mummy!

and I made a mini book for Ashlea to fill with pictures of Nella as and when she wishes:

Then last night I went out for a meal with six other music with mummy friends - they are such a great group and so much fun.
This weekend continues to be social, so I hope to be back with more photos soon.
Have a great valentines xxx


Lisa Olson said...

Wow u have had a busy Feb, I can't believe how much like your mum you are or she is like you. I can especially see it in these pictures.
Thanks for stopping by.

Andrea said...

I always love to see your photos!! Evei is so pretty!!!

Anonymous said...

hiya, just tagged you, check out the blog for details x

Helen Aitchison said...

I love how you kept the little album closed with the flower! I wonder where you got that idea from ?????
I loved your brothers pub opening last night..... will deof be eating there soon!