Friday, 10 October 2008


It has been weeks since I last updated - sorry! Life seems to have been very busy with birthday parties to plan, work to keep up with, builders in the house and Jonathan and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary on Monday!

So, let's start with Evie turning 3, how did that happen?! Can't believe it has been 3 years since we brought that little pink bundle home from the hospital, she came out in rush and has not stopped since! We had Polly come and do a 'Music with Mummy' party for Evie and eleven of her friends, thank you Polly, it was fantastic! (apart from the smoke alarms going off every few minutes in the middle of the party - think we have a faulty one!) So this is the birthday banner I made....

And this is us joining in with the singing and actions - have to thank Annie for being official party photographer!

This is gorgeous Euan, enjoying watching the other children..........

and Daisy with her favorite cousin! I had to make a Fifi cake and had a go at Bakerellas cupcake pops, which looked nothing like hers - but went down well anyway!
Evie was so shattered that evening that she decided she didn't want to open her presents until the next morning (which was her actual birthday anyway), so early on Sunday morning we were all up watching Evie open lot's of lovely gifts, including the Lazy Town Stephanie outfit from Daniel, Alfie and Thomas..........
and the Fifi outfit from Elise and Aiden (which she even wore to Sainsburys!)We made another cake for the family tea party, which Evie helped to decorate..............

So that was all fun!

We have had fantastic builders in who found and sorted out the leak we have had, think it's been there since the house was built 8 years ago! But now dealt with!

Jonathan and I enjoyed a lovely lunch out on Monday to celebrate our anniversary, we are also going to Yorkshire for a few days without the children in November which we are so looking forward to, will be a lovely break.

I am now in the process of sorting out things for Henry's Lego Star Wars party in 10 days time, he is having it joint with his best friend, which has been fantastic, as Jame's mum Emma is fab at party games! Hope to get lot's of photos to show you.

Jonathan and I had dinner at Queens College, Cambridge on Tuesday night as we were holding an auction for the Lords Taveners. Being a 'local' I have never toured around the colleges in Cambridge, just punted behind them on the backs a few times, so it was wonderful to actually walk over the mathematical bridge and step back in time, it is so beautiful and the sense of history is overwhelming. We ate in 'The Old Hall' which was stunning, we also had a fantastic meal, definitely a night to remember.

A little incident this morning that I must tell you about, Henry got a piece of Lego stuck up his nose..........yes, you read right! He was so upset, crying and shaking and very pale, bless him! So at 6.30am Henry and I were on our way to A&E, (which is only 5 minutes down the road)luckily there was no one else there and so we were seen really quickly and after a couple of attempts at 'blowing' it out the doctor had to get something behind it and pull it out! By 7.05am we were home again and he went off to school quite happily - this is one of those things that you think will never happen to you - but it did! Don't think he'll be doing that again!

Have booked my place on the Scrapping Angels Christmas Workshop - if you haven't already done so then book your place quickly! Can't wait!!


Lisa said...

Ooo Sara love your bunting.. fab photos too!! super cute!!

Helen Aitchison said...

Beautiful photo of you and Evie, and what a great banner !!!!! You are such a clever girl ! The cakes look superb too - especially the cupcake pops?

domestic goddess said...

love the photos of Evie. Did you amke thsoe cakes?!
see you sunday hun xxxx

suebaru said...

Hope you washed the piece of Lego afterwards!! Fab photos :0

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

now if i could find the disc you gave me i would have all those photos looking amazing!!!!!
don't hate me if you have to burn them again (but don't do it just yet b/c i may have "stcked" them)
the ones in the outfit and on bike are so cute!!!!

Dawn said...

Hi Sara, hope all is well with you, you've been rather quiet lately.


Dawn x

Dawn said...

I know it's soon Halloween, but how spooky as I was typing to you saying you'd been quiet I received a post on my blog from you!!
Will certainly share all I learn with you - will have to try and do coffee in 2009 :-)