Friday, 23 October 2009

back for a quick update.

October really is a hectic month for me, so once again I am apologising for not blogging sooner, but it is not one of the important things in my life at the moment!

Let's see, we have had the 'Your Touch of Craft Autumn Workshop', which was a great success as always, although we did run out of time! Big news for next year......Amanda has booked...... DONNA DOWNEY!! yes, she will be teaching in Bury St Edmunds in April of next year and if you want your name on the list phone Amanda NOW!

I have done a little crafting, I have the gorgeous new Cath Kidston 'sew' book, which comes with everything needed to make a bag, so I made that straight away! I have also made the children pen and pencil rolls for taking on holiday.
Annie and I spent a great evening making these Autumn banners (Annie's said fall). I found this on the pink paislee blog and found the supplies on the scrapbook nook kit club, we are so please with how they turned out.........

Then Henry turned 8! Yes it really is a month of birthdays as my niece also had a birthday (the day before Henry she turned 3!)
This is a picture of Jonathan's dad Reggie holding Henry when he was a week old,
And look how tiny he is here at one day old...............
And this is my Grandad holding him at one day old.........

And this is him when he'd just been born, 8lbs 7oz's and a typical lazy boy who had to be induced!

He is still so laid back (although a worrier like his mummy) and very cheeky, he loves his cuddles, snuggles and kisses, love him so much xxx

The cake request was easy, I just had to put 'muddy' icing on top and Henry set up all his soldiers! I have to tell you that as much as I LOVE to bake, the only chocolate cake worth making is the Betty Crocker Fudge cake, so chocolaty and moist!

So with all that going on, plus work, plus cubs, dance, swimming, choir, orienteering club and guitar club, life is a whirlwind!
Lastly, managed to get together with Annie for her to take a few family snaps, love this one....
Promise I will be back

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Bolmara said...

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