Saturday, 19 September 2009

A quick catch up with photos....

life is as hectic and busy as ever, feeling quite stressed and so this is just a quick catch up with photos!
This is my amazing friend Elaine, who does not know the meaning of stressed, she tackles everything with amazing ease, including three children and a partner who works long hours as well as working herself. When I phoned last minute in desperate need of child care she quite happily took them in for a sleep over - how excited were my two!
Evie is finding five afternoons a week in nursery quite tiring!
Jonathan is away loads in September as always, so the children and I have been keeping busy, this was a trip to the Abbey Gardens last Saturday.
I suddenly remembered that I had been given a bicycle for Evie by a friend over a year ago, so I got into mum & dads loft where it was being kept and found it is now the perfect size for Evie and so much easier for her to ride than her old toddler Fifi one! She is so different from Henry and was off like a shot with no fear, so now we can all ride our bikes to school!

We had a lovely day at friends last Sunday, a delicious lunch followed by Neil taking the children out on the river - a wonderful way to spend a Sunday.

Evie came home from school this week and took the letter 'e' off the fridge:- 'Mummy, this is e for Evie' !! Bless her!

The children enjoyed picking all the apples from our little apple tree in the garden (sorry for poor photo. - How gorgeous are Evie's new boots!)

Henry has moved from Beavers up to Cubs and took his promise this week.

And last but not least, Evie has had a hair cut at last!
Life is not going to get any calmer for a month or so, I will try and keep updating as much as I can!
Thanks for dropping by xx


Dawn said...

Loving the new hair :-) and fab pics esp Evie asleep - lots of hugs xx

Sandie said...

Your hair looks fab hun, and so does Evie's! Great pics of the kids, glad your finding plenty to do while hubby is away x