Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Poorly Laptop

Yup, my laptop got a 'spy worm' which will try to find your passwords and credit card numbers - both of which I have now changed - a pain, but necessary! I do have an anti-virus, but I guess these things find ways to get through.
I have done a little bit of crafting ready for when I decorate Evie's room:

Last week was pretty busy, Henry had activities at the Leisure Centre, we also went swimming and met up with friends at the park and cinema and these are my two loving their fruit (honestly, such fruit bats!)

Took this one from our first floor sitting room french windows of the children lying in the sun sucking the sweetness out of the honeysuckle - did you ever do that when you were little? I did!

And Henry went to a one day 'Joseph' workshop run by my lovely and talented friend Polly. He arrived at 9.15am with lunchbox and we arrived at 4.30pm to watch the show! It was amazing what they had achieved in one day with twenty 7-13 year olds! Henry even sang two lines of a song solo - brought tears to my eyes (in a good way!), and he played the part of the Pharaoh.

So all in all pretty busy, this week is haircuts and dentist!
Have a good week xx


Dawn said...

Hi there, love the photos - sounds like you're having a good summer break - will be nice to catch up again in the Autumn xxx

Felicity said...

lovely photos, our laptop crashed last week and i lost all my craft patterns and links and general bits and bobs, all important stuff was backed up apart from my five years worth of crafty bliss! fliss xx

Lisa Olson said...

Awww Sara, these are absolutely stunning, love what you have done here ooooh I so wished I had a little girl as well as my grown up little boy.
U have 2 adorable children and they are very lucky to have such a creative mummy.