Sunday, 26 July 2009

Time flies when your having fun!

Well, the first week of the school holidays is over already and we sure have been busy! They spent Monday at the Seaside with my mum whilst I was working then Henry spent the next four mornings at our churches holiday club - Razzamatazz Robots when he had great fun. We have also been swimming, been to a friends party and had friends over to play.

Actually on Saturday I had five children here from 10am until 5pm and I still managed to clean the whole house, wash the towels and bedding and makes meringues and ice cream ready for friends coming over for lunch today!
This is Evie dressed up for her Hawaiian party on her last day at pre-school

And this is Henry and I last Sunday at Auntie Peggy's where we went for tea to celebrate Jonathan's mum's birthday

So the Summer Bingo has not been so popular! Henry was full of it last weekend, but when he realised that it might be hard work he was not so enthralled! We will try again this week.
So I hope your holidays are going well, fingers crossed for a little more nice weather!

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Felicity said...

i cant believe the first week has gone by already!!! its going so fast!!