Sunday, 7 September 2008

Operation went well

Yes, Jonathan's knee operation went well, the surgeon managed to do it all by keyhole, although he had to go in at five different places, but he did everything that needed doing. Jonathan still has a lot of pain, but has found the painkillers are keeping it manageable. He is not putting any weight on that leg at the moment and so he is using crutches and getting a dab hand at going up and down the stairs. He is already going stir crazy being at home, so all visitors are welcome!
Evie cannot seem to say crutches and calls them skrutches! - Bless her heart :)
Well Henry went back to school in the rain last week, and seems to like his teachers. He seemed very tired and grumpy after school, but I hope he will settle down into the routine soon.
Evie and I managed to get pretty wet on the school run, although she loved the puddles!
Preparations are now along the way for Evie's birthday party in October I made the invitations and got them delivered last week, also want to make a banner and then something inventive for party bags - any ideas? Please let me know!

Another layout from Donna Downey's sketches book
And my favorite layout of the moment, I so love this! Sorry about the photo quality, I couldn't wait until daylight to get a snap so the flash reflected.
Well, life really gets back to normal with swimming and clubs all back this week, and I'm off to work tomorrow to try and catch up on three weeks of book work - yuck !


Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

that last layout of henry is STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i must barrow that book from you!!!

domestic goddess said...

so please johnathan op went well.
I used the BG takeaway boxes for goodie bags for lillys bday party, they went down really well :)
BTW thx for your comment on my blog xxx

Lisa said...

Hi Sara,

I found your blog through Dawn. I I have really enjoyed reading your blog, you have a lovely family a great blog and fantastic designs. I love your eye for colour and layout.

Hope to catch up with you some more soon.

Lisa said...

Aw thanks, Sara, I am not sure I even know what a Tone Finnanger book is to be honest, I have a few Amy butler handbag patterns. As for the tea towels I made the templates myself based on an average tea towel measurement.

I did the same for my childrens bags.

Haven't made a bunting yet so any tips would be gratefully appreciated.

Hope Jonathon is recovering well.